LEGS​-​NET 018: A Soundtrack To Extreme Ironing

by Nuh & Yudlugar

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Another recent reissue from UK blackened speedcore outfit Yudlugar, Ironing originally came out back in 2012 in an equally tiny edition, and is a collaborative release between Yudlugar and fellow Brit Tom Owen, aka NUH. The two artists alternate across the disc, each spewing out several tracks of their evil, aggressive speedcore/breakcore/noise collage extremism in some insane bid for eardrum-destroying supremacy; while both artists do bring the occasional flash of atmospheric ambience, almost the entire disc is a warzone of violent hyperspeed electronic music. NUH spits out a frenzied mashup of jittery speedcore with anthemic metallic choruses, crushing thrash metal guitars and blown-out hip-hop flourishes, and infests his tracks with samples out the wazoo, sampling heavily from Faith No More's classic "Epic" on the opener "Epos" and giving it a violent gabber makeover, elsewhere appropriating everything from the Geto Boys to Danny Elfman's score to Batman and other cinematic fragments, and punctuating these maniacal speedcore tracks with harsh techno-style synth stabs. A lot of this stuff gets garbled into an insanely abrasive hyperspeed glitch-metal that starts to border on digi-grind, blistering spazztoid techno jacked out of its mind on PCP. It even gets all Wax Traxy on us with the pounding dancefloor-ready mutation "Burnt Weenie Sandwich", then turns into a fuzz-drenched low-fi Vangelis with the mega-distorted orchestral majesty of "It's Over" before wrapping up his end of things with the freakazoid crank-fueled breakcore funk of "Geezoid" that resembles a Korn track being remixed by Shitmat. Yudlugar's stuff is just as brutal, ultra-violent blasts of blackened speedcore with distorted kicks and glitched-out drum patterns warping beneath the relentless onslaught of high-end distortion and trebly black metal guitars that swoop through these chaotic blastscapes. Tracks like "Crack Butcher" come off like some terminally fried version of Aborym and Mysticum's mechanistic black metal, while other tracks vomit up brutal breakbeats and jackhammer-like eruptions of uncontrollable speed, whirlwinds of filthy Slayerized riffing and lunatic vocals. The seizure-inducing splittercore racket of "Armogasm" sounds like a battalion of thrash metal CDs all skipping at exactly the same time, and the end of the disc gives us a remix of NUH's "Small Medium Goliath God" that could have been a Yudlugar original, its chopped-up metallic roar looped and warped and wound around more sputtering, heart-attack inducing tempos. - Crucial Blast


released December 25, 2011

Photography By – Miguel Muñoz Lazaro