LEGS​-​NET 046​/​BC_040: Keep Away From Children

by Sadistic Hate VS Yudlugar

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Sadistic Hate Vs Yudlugar - Keep Away From Children...


After numerous set backs and a full year long wait this thoroughly fucking blasphemous split is ready for your consumption. Featuring 10 prime slabs of blackend Terror & Speedcore, Splitter spitter Noise mentalism and a healthy dose of fuck you attitude Sadistic Hate and Yudlugar bring the BPM's and zero sympathy for the listener, this one is not for pussies or the scene kids, annihilation is guaranteed.

All material on this fucking release is fucking copyright via creative commons jazz to Braincore Recordings and Legs
Akimbo Records.

This release is totally free - DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


666 HAILS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEGS-NET 046 and BC_040


"Yet another new, super-limited reissue from blackened UK speedcore demon Yudlugar, Keep Away From Children is a collection of tracks that has this misanthropic blastmaster teaming up with the Sadistic Hate, another British speedcore artist who shares his obsession with black metal. The hyper-fast technoid attacks on this disc mainly consist of brutal, spluttering speedcore assaults garnished with a variety of nihilistic samples and a serious fixation on classic European black metal, which also informs the raw and abrasive production of Yudlugar's material, going beyond the standard noisiness of speedcore into something that could be described as "necro". Yudlugar has been one of my favorite speedcore artists since hearing his 7"s on Legs Akimbo, and this stuff is mostly in the same vein, furious kick drums blasting beneath trebly blackened guitars and grating distortion, and it's often closer to something like Mysticum than something you'd hear on the dance floor. Keep Away From Children mostly features remixes of various material between the two artists: Sadistic Hate lays out moody keyboards ripped right out of a black metal album intro over the blistering, pounding gabber kicks and bursts of squelchy distortion on the opening track "We Create Wonderful Music", with blasts of splittercore noise drilling through your skull like a laser trepanation; his remix of Yudlugar's "Doesn't Make Sense" follows with a similar assault of glitch-riddled speedcore, those black metal guitars sunk deeper into the distorted noise that churns beneath those relentless jackhammering beats, a kind of rabid, blackened gabber caught in an endless spasm of splattered hyperspeed tempos and ice-encrusted melodies. There's an over-the-top remix of Darkthrone via "Wreak (Sadistic Hate's Cold Grim Terror Mix)" that shreds, infesting the 'Throne's original frostbitten epic with an ultra-violent speedcore momentum, and other Sadistic Hate remixes of Yudlugar material include "Crack Butcher (Sadistic Hate's I Am Death Mix)" and "Fist (Sadistic Hate's ...And I Fucking Well Mean 5 Minutes Mix)", both noise-drenched blasts of cranked up technoid brutality that go completely berserk. The harsh noise, swirling clouds of digital artifacts, skull-shredding glitchstorms and splittercore-style sinewave abuse all add to this disc's migraine-inducing potential, the sound so harsh and hellish that it would seriously put any digi-grind band to shame. The two Yudlugar originals, "Bathed In Unicorns" and "Diseased", are utterly vicious as well, almost morphing from that sickening blackened speedcore into a full-on industrial black metal assault a la Aborym or Mysticum, guttural vomitious shrieks tearing out of the crushing blast, the sound violent and barbaric and low-fi, infected with virulent beats and almost breakbeat-like grooves that emerge out of the mechanized chaos. This stuff is pretty far out on the extremes of electronic music, a blasphemous speedcore offensive that's absolutely recommended if you're into the likes of Legionz Ov Hell and Schizoid. comes in a simple cardstock jacket." - Crucial Blast


released July 17, 2013

All mastering undertaken from beyond the stellar filth by Capta1n Cha0s