LEGS​-​NET 059: LEGS​,​NETo59

by Kuvera B.

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The thing I appreciate most in a musician is them not giving a fuck. Just making their art and putting it out there, with little or no regard for what people will think of it while also hoping that it’ll reach the right people who will particularly feel what it is they’ve done.

Legs Akimbo is definitely a record label that seems to operate this way and this release from France’s Kuvera B absolutely feels like the type of music an artist thinking this way might make.

Full of big kick drums with minimal atmospherics and ambient efforts – and not much else, truthfully - Kuvera B crafts a sort of industrial infused post-gabber affair with his release for Legs.net 059. Dirty and gritty and very textured kick drums of all shapes and sizes are what is most prevalent on this release, drawing you in with their very three dimensional sound and variations across the board. The kind of melody you hear from an industrial warehouse or machine shop starts to emerge from the whole kick drum affair, very entrancing and tribal even at their most metallic sounding. All the while sparse and conservatively utilized noodlings in the percussion department try their best to mimic traditional drum elements, still remaining very sci-fi and synthetic in their post-apocalyptic dance with the kick drums. A bit of sparingly exorcised ambient elements push up through occasional cracks in the whole thing, providing a turned up bleakness to the release.

In the end, it feels like what you might hear if a zombie hardstyle or gabber DJ made if they spent a little too much time in an opium den on the farthest star with the most spiritual alien life form around - grindthieves.com


released January 2, 2014

All tracks by Kuvera Barbier
Artwork by Kuvera Barbier