by Yudlugar

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Legs Akimbo's infernal wrecking machine is back! Yudlugar returns with 8 tracks of Necro Splitter destruction, each primed to ruin your delicate little lugholes. True Blackend Speedcore vomit. Real horrorshow.

"Vhemt is the third full-length disc that recently got reissued from UK blackened speedcore producer Yudlugar, apparently issued in a ridiculously tiny run of thirty-odd copies. The eight tracks on this disc deliver more of this maniac's brand of demonic technoid brutality that I first got hooked on after discovering his 7" releases on Legs Akimbo, an abrasive speedcore assault constructed around the style's standard superspeed kick drum blasts and anti-social attitude, but Yudlugar gets even more malevolent by incorporating black metal influences and elements of extreme harsh noise into his tracks. Belligerent, brutal stuff that's ostensibly on the fringes of dance music, but frankly much better suited as a backdrop to scenes of all-out street level warfare. As with most speedcore albums, Vhemt has the usual combination of remixes and original tracks, featuring skull-splintering reworkings of tracks from L.A. based necro-speedcore terrorist Angel Enemy and digital hardcore outfit Digicore, and guest appearances from other speedcore extremists like Inverted Scrotum, Bokito and Sergiy Fjordsson. Both the remixes and the new tracks are riddled with seemingly endless assaults of hyperspeed kick drums that splatter across looped synth noise and extreme distortion, samples of infuriated voices and the looped screams of terrified livestock, and fragments of acoustic black metal intros formed from mournful violins and chopped-up frostbitten melodies. Bursts of nauseating splittercore sinewaves sound like the violent skipping of CDs amplified to bone-jarring volume levels, and smears of haunting electronic ambience are briefly glimpsed amongst all of the sputtering jackhammer beats and machinegun blasts; bits of sampled black metal and horror movie flotsam and horrific speak-n-spell melodies materialize over sickening Shitmat-style splatterbreaks, fronted by some seriously guttural and hateful vocals, an extremely aggressive and misanthropic delivery that sometimes seems at odds with the obnoxiously tongue-in-cheek track titles. While I still think that Yudlugar's 7" material is the strongest and most distinctive stuff I've heard from the project, this disc's relentless assault of sputtering spastic speedcore violence sure is a blast, and it might be the most abrasive and gut-churning of all of the Yudlugar reissues that we've picked up, a nightmarish stew of sampled suffering and skull-shredding sonic savagery. Grindcore Karaoke fanatics will love this. As with the other recent Yudlugar reissues, this comes in a simple, nondescript wallet sleeve." - Crucial Blast


released February 18, 2014

Mastered by Lucretia

The artwork is based around two photos taken during the Ukraine protests 2014.
All design manipulations by No Artist.

This release is dedicated to the continuing misery and degradation of humanity.