LEGS RECS 005: Dissonanz

by Moloch/Yudlugar

  • Limited Edition split 7"
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    A. Moloch - Depressive Visionen Eines Sterbenden Horizonts
    B1. Moloch - Ljosalfahemir (Yudlugar Remix)
    B2. Yudlugar - Fist

    256 copies pressed.

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After various flirtations with black metal-inspired breakcore/speedcore, Legs Akimbo finally went necro with this split 7" that features ultra-prolific Ukrainian black metaller Moloch on one side, and UK blackened speedcore outfit Yudlugar on the other.
The first side features a revised version of an older Moloch song called "Depressive Visionen Eines Sterbenden Horizonts", rebirthed here as a dissonant, droning death-march layered in brittle, swarming guitars and strangely angular bass riffs, the Burzumesque blur twisted into a noisy, fractured, vaguely psychotic sound. It's one of the stranger tracks that I've heard from Moloch, parts of it seemingly improvised as the clanking percussion lurches beneath the ever-present cloud of droning distorted guitar buzz, the drums sometimes coming to an abrupt halt while the bass guitar is bent into deformed shapes.
As soon as the b-side kicks in, things turn more violent. The first track is a molestation of Moloch's "Ljosalfahemir" handled by Yudlugar, and it's a fucking rager, chopping up Moloch's despair-drenched black metal and fusing the peices to a blistering electronic blast-assault, 800 mile per hour beats blazing beneath the hoarse, harsh vocals and minor key tremolo riffs. Yudlugar follows that up with one of his own tracks, "Fist", a two-minute eruption of droning, violent speedcore laced with traces of black metal creep, the jackhammer drum programming blasting into almost splittercore-like levels of speed extremism - Crucial Blast

"Side A contains Moloch’s five minute long Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts, a track which despite its German title seems to be sung in the Ukrainian language. This is neither the old school noise attack style of the pioneering Norwegian bands, nor the more contemporary symphonic bombast of later bands. Instead we get a slow, crawling number full of darkness and despair, with a heavily distorted guitar, a plodding rhythm section and rather clean vocals full of hopelessness. I could get rather used to this."

"On side B, things start again with yet another track from Moloch. This time it’s Ljosalfaheimr in a speedy breakcore remix by Yudlugar. The black metal roots are still intact, but the incredibly fast and primitive beats push this into a whole different arena. Even more extreme is the following two minute blastbeat track Fist by Yudlugar, which comes at an estimated five zillion BPM. This is pure noise, totally removed from anything associated with music. But hey, it’s ultimately just two minutes of good, un-clean fun… probably something like the acoustic equivalent to the cinematic masterpiece Two Girls, One Cup"

taken from the review on www.disagreement.net


released July 22, 2012

Mastered By Tom "Nuh" Owen
Artwork By Moloch



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