LEGS RECS 008: Drrrrrrrressurection Of Suizidcore EP!

by Pressterror

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    12" Limited to 275 copies

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7 tracks of Pressterror's manic, droning Suizidcore and 1 Pressterror megamix by everyone's favorite depraved Nekro Tekno Nutjobs HateWire

"Pressterror's Drrrrrrrressurection Of Suizidcore is one of the first 12" releases on UK gabbergrind / speedcore label Legs Akimbo, the presence of whom should give you a decent idea of what this German DJ vomits out. With beats so fast and distorted that they turn into streams of droning glitchery bordering on pure noise, Pressterror abuses the listener with his raw, utterly violent strain of electronic music, one that bears almost zero resemblance to the hardcore techno that originally spawned this sort of stuff. These eight tracks shift violently between the hypnotic blur-blast of splittercore style glitch and migraine-inducing speedcore beats, with endless horror movie samples, echoing screams, and other assorted sounds of agony swirling all around the extreme hyperspeed rhythms. No real vocals to speak of, barely any distorted synth sounds, no sinister melodies, just relentless drill-tone noise, splattery drum breaks and fucked up hyperspeed programming that makes even the most ferocious digital grindcore bands and Bloody Fist-endorsed speedcore sound tame by comparison. There are huge chunks of this record that drop off into an abyss of sadistic electronic noise and disturbing German-language samples manipulated into hellish screams and bizarre gibberish, like a symphony of droning, skipping Cds backed by the shrieks of torture victims. This 12" is possibly the most extreme record we picked up from Legs Akimbo - if this is dance music, it's dance music for a party where PCP-fueled psychotics flail around with meat cleavers, fists wrapped in barbed-wire and bags of ketamine, and everyone is out for blood..." - Crucial Blast

Holy shit what the fuck is going on here!? Ha ha! This is some out-there shit! I've experienced gabba and speedcore before but this is a bit more on the edge of insanity; sometimes it goes so fast that there are just blurs of drum hits in a row that sound like a goddamn machine malfunctioning or something. When it slows down enough for some semblance of a beat to kick in, shit is fucking amazing. The sampling is crazy and haywire, coming in where the "songs" seemingly stop, chop and change at various times for any apparent reason.

This 12" comes off looking like a single release but it's actually pretty lengthy, giving you more head-melting gabba noise for your buck! What more could you want, other than maybe a bunch of hard drugs to bash into your skull whilst listening to this? By the time track 3 "Fuck You Haters" is on (towards the end of side A) I feel like my brain is trying to leak out of my nose, which I'm not sure is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it depends on what you want from your music!

Legs Akimbo pressed this abomination of musical integrity onto a 12" so we could all sit back and close our eyes and pretend we are running through California naked whilst higher than a motherfucker on bath salts, chewing off people's faces. That's certainly what I feel like doing after 25 minutes or so of "Suizidcore". I would say this was definitely a niche release but fuck it, everybody should hear this absolute fucking monster at least once. - Lines In Wax


released March 23, 2013

Mastered by Tom "NUH" Owen
Artwork by {R!P} RedInsurgentPanda Design



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